Contributor inspiration

Not sure what you’d like to write about? Here are some ideas.


  • Ethics/philosophy/morality behind veganism
  • Animal rights – activism types, strategies, successes
  • Recipes – just a few per issue
  • Profiles of amazing organisations like farm sanctuaries
  • Health benefits of a plant-based diet
  • Raising awareness of lesser-known animal rights issues such as badger culling

Sustainability/green living

  • The zero-waste movement
  • Vegan permaculture, vegan organic growing, forest gardening. Growing your own food.
  • Environmental harm caused by animal agriculture
  • How our cities could be made more sustainable
  • Renewable energy and other climate change solutions
  • Compost toilets
  • Buying second-hand/ethically
  • Rewilding and maintaining balanced ecosystems
  • Sustainable travel – alternatives to planes and package holidays


  • Decluttering and learning to let go of things
  • Digital detoxes – having a healthy relationship with technology
  • Intentionally living with less and letting go of what doesn’t serve us
  • Living in small spaces – see ‘Alternative living spaces’

Pursuing your passions

  • Moving past self-doubt – not letting fear hold you back
  • Managing your money well so you can meet your goals
  • Starting a business and supporting yourself
  • Finding your purpose
  • Moving away from life situations that don’t serve you


  • Meditation – types, benefits, tips. I’d love to have a guided meditation in each issue. Also, breathing techniques.
  • Yoga – it would be great if someone knowledgeable could write about the different traditions and techniques, as yoga is so often reduced to just an exercise program
  • Cultivating kindness and compassion for all beings. Realising that we are all one
  • Being present and accepting where we are right now
  • Using mantras to achieve our goals
  • The law of attraction
  • Healing relationships with spirituality
  • Working through mental illness and difficult life situations with spirituality

Alternative living spaces

  • Vans, buses and boats
  • Tiny houses and eco houses
  • Why adopt this lifestyle – travel, freedom from mortgage and 9 to 5 jobs, simplicity?
  • Converting your living space – maybe stories from those who have done this, plus photos


  • The whole food plant based diet – transformation stories? Photos would be great.
  • Therapies like reiki, the Alexander technique and massage
  • Natural remedies
  • Natural alternatives to harsh chemical cleaning products, toiletries etc

Social justice and politics

  • Feminism, LGBT rights, anti-racism etc – it all goes! Promoting a fair compassionate world for all
  • Progressive political movements
  • Profiles of groups like Food not Bombs
  • Inspiring community-based movements
  • The value of initiatives like universal basic income
  • How the vegan movement ties into social justice
  • Problems with the prison system, education system etc
  • Pacifism and non-violent protest


  • Raising ethically and environmentally conscious children
  • Homeschooling


  • Cultivating love and appreciation for nature
  • The healing power of nature
  • The value of hiking, camping and otherwise being outdoors
  • Creating green spaces in cities
  • Photographs of beautiful nature scenes
  • Foraging


  • Why art is so important
  • Using art as activism to raise awareness of important issues
  • Vegan/environment inspired poetry, or photos of relevant art

This is not an exhaustive list! If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them.

What I’m not really looking for

  • List-type articles, i.e. ’10 benefits of X’, ‘5 reasons to do Y’. This is a magazine, not Buzzfeed! You don’t need to use clickbait. I’m looking for really thoughtful, insightful content.

My goal is for this magazine to be as creative and uplifting as possible. Let’s create a better world!