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At Samsara Vegan Travels we make traveling for vegans easy. We have already found delicious vegan food for you, so you can relax!
Enjoy the company of a small group of vegan companions while exploring interesting destinations with an enthusiastic vegan tour leader.
Package tours for international travelers, with lots of freedom. Accommodation, transportation, breakfast and some excursions included.
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Why travel with Samsara Vegan Travels?

Vegan Food
During travels with Samsara Vegan Travels, we pay a lot of attention to meals that meet the requirements of a vegan. Of course, we do our very best selecting restaurants that refrain from using animal products in the preparation of the meals. Although we will have agreements on this with the hotels and restaurants where we will eat, it is always possible that a mistake is made somewhere, we cannot claim responsibility for that.
The restaurants we have selected are preferably classified as vegan, so no animal products are used in the kitchen. If vegan restaurants are not available, we select vegetarian restaurants. In some countries or locations no vegan or vegetarian restaurants are available, in this case we can eat in an 'ordinary' restaurant where vegan options are offered.
We are keeping a database of restaurants that offer vegan food. As new vegan restaurants are opened every day, and other restaurants disappear, we keep updating this list. Restaurants that we select are often reviewed by other travelers and have also been visited and approved by our tour leader.
Specific dietary restrictions and allergies have to be discussed with the restaurants on location.

Being Vegan entails more than eating a vegan meal, Samsara Vegan Travels is aware of that. In addition to eating a nutritious and healthy, or deliciously greasy vegan meal we aim to show compassion to all sentient being by avoiding to exploit animals and people in any way whatsoever. We will not be visiting zoos and other places that keep animals in captivity for economical or entertainment reasons. So no elephant rides, visits to snake or crocodile farms, fish markets or other venues where animals (dead or alive) are tortured and exploited. Unfortunately animal cruelty is all around us. There is no way to avoid seeing it, but what we can do is not support it in any way and have a discussion if possible.

Sanctuaries & Rescue Centers
In our destination countries we carefully select sanctuaries, rescue centers or projects that are ethical and are definitely worth a visit. The main purpose of these projects or sanctuaries has to be to promote compassion toward these living beings. Mostly this is done by harboring animals that are endangered or threatened or that do not get to live a happy life in that particular country.

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