Clothes Swap Finds and Turning the Public Vegan!

clothes swap vegan activism

Our latest video is up, and it features some more vegan activism. This time, it involves an inflatable Matrix-inspired cube with video screens showing footage of how farmed animals are treated. We set up the cube in the centre of town — it attracted a lot of attention and was great at drawing people in! Once they’d watched the footage, we were able to talk to them about veganism and answer any questions they had.

We made some yummy pitta bread pizzas for dinner, featuring veggie sausages and lots of nutritional yeast. Then we headed to a clothes swap event to trade in some things we weren’t using, and came back with some nice new things. Reusing things is so great for the planet, and it was amazing to get some clothes for free too! Watch the video to see what we found, and let me know what you thought. 🙂



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