How to Make an Ecobrick…& Vegan Outreach With an Inflatable Polar Bear!

ecobrick vegan outreach inflatable polar bear

Our second YouTube video is here! In this video, we make our very first ecobrick. If you don’t know what an ecobrick is, it’s where you cram your unrecyclable plastic waste into an empty plastic bottle. The ecobrick can be used to make furniture or replace various building materials.

Watch the video, or read on to find out more!

We found that it’s best to cut the plastic quite small, since you need to cram a lot in. It’s also important to wash the plastic to remove any residual food, and let it dry thoroughly. Otherwise your ecobrick could go mouldy, which isn’t what you want after all that effort you’ve put in!

Once you’ve gathered all your plastic, you can start stuffing it in. Use a long stick to compact it down as much as possible. Some sites list an ideal weight which your ecobrick should be once it’s full. We were using a 1-litre bottle, so we were aiming for a weight of 330g. It’s surprising how much you can fit in when you put your mind to it.

After we’d made our ecobrick, we headed into town for some lighthearted vegan outreach. We played some vegan songs through a speaker and chalked lots of messages on the pavement. And Johnathan put on an inflatable polar bear costume to raise awareness of the environmental impact of animal agriculture. You should definitely watch the video to check out his dancing!

Vegan chalking

Our next video will feature more activism and a trip to a local clothes swap event. If you’d like to see what we found, head over to our channel and subscribe. We’re just starting out, and every subscription really helps. See you next time!

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