Why I Started Seedling (a free vegan ezine)

seedling - free vegan ezine

I had been blogging for about two and a half years when I started thinking about starting a vegan ezine. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of reaching people, and felt another approach was needed. It seemed obvious that I’d be able to achieve more by teaming up with other people, so the idea of starting a magazine was born.

Ethical treatment of writers

Being a writer myself, I know how tough it can be to make a living this way. I just didn’t feel comfortable asking people to write for nothing. So many publications expect writers to do this under the guise of exposure – even though many could easily afford to pay! For me, being vegan means treating people ethically as well as animals, so I decided to offer a small payment for each article. I know how rewarding it can be even to receive a little money for your work, because it shows that it is valued.

Along with compensating writers financially, I liked the idea of giving vegan writers a platform, and something to put in their portfolios if they aspired to write professionally.


In order to pay writers, I would need funding. With so much free content available online, I knew it was unrealistic to expect people to pay for the ezine. Besides, I wanted it to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection. For the first issue, I tried an advertising model. But though some people were interested, most didn’t have time to put together an image. So for the second issue, I kept the advertising option open but also added a sponsorship option. This just about covered the costs of paying writers. I also have an option for people to donate if they enjoy the magazine.

Holistic vision for making the world a better place

Understandably, many vegan magazines stick to articles about veganism. But there are many other topics and issues which tie into veganism; nature, the environment, minimalism, spirituality and so much more. I wanted the magazine to present a holistic vision for making the world a better place. I believe most of the problems we face can be traced back to a lack of compassion, and I see this magazine as a way of helping to create a shift in consciousness.


This magazine is helping to create a community around Little Green Seedling in a way which wouldn’t otherwise have been possible. What I really love about having multiple contributors is the diversity of the content and the opportunity to see things from others’ perspectives.

Where to find it

Seedling is available to read here. You can download it as a PDF to keep forever, or read it online on Issuu. You can also subscribe to receive an email notification every time a new issue comes out. The magazine is bi-monthly, so there are 6 issues per year. I hope you enjoy it!

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