Vegan Activism…with Inflatable Animals!

vegan activism

I’ve taken part in many types of vegan activism over the past couple of years, but last Saturday was a new experience. A group of us gathered in the city centre to raise awareness of animal rights issues – using giant inflatable animals.

There were four – a pig, a sheep, a cow, and a chicken. A few activists were strapped inside the animals, making them walk and even dance! We had music playing, which created a really good atmosphere. Kids especially loved the animals. They ran up to them, petting them and looking through the little windows at the people inside.

I held a sign reading โ€˜Save the planet – go veganโ€™, and walked around the animals. We also did a (very slow) parade up the street. It drew considerable attention!

The lovely Aisha Ponders decided to interview some passers-by to find out what they thought of the event. Watch her video below. It also features some footage of the animals (and my face).

Overall, I think this was an extremely successful event. We had several great conversations with people, and it was a very non-confrontational way of spreading the vegan message. A few people asked us about vegan-friendly places to eat. And the best part? Any activist group in the UK can borrow the animals and stage their own event – see the Friendsnotfood page on Facebook. It’s a lot of fun – I highly recommend it.

vegan activism


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  1. I saw this video on you tube. I saw a person on the video claiming health benefits to the vegan diet.
    I believe animal rights and human health are seperate issues.
    I respect your right to be vegan but I am on a high meat diet and in perfect health.
    I am actually allot healthier than various vegans I have met. For example I did the FitBrit challenghe at Fitness First Bedford twice last year 1st time 21 mins second 20 mins. For a 41 year old thats good. Could you guys do that in more or less time



    You lecture on health lets compare yours with mine

  2. Sorry wrong uplink you will see me on this uplink

    If you people claim there are health benefits to your vegan diet come to a gym with me and we can compare our fitness levels

  3. I also forgot to say four minutes into the video there is a fat man saying he is vegan and their are health benefits to the vegan diet.
    The fact he is fat proves the vegan diet has no health benefit.
    I would like to invite you guys to a gym and lets compare your fitness with mine.

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