How To Get Away With Going Braless

going braless

I hate wearing a bra. So far, I’ve failed to find one that doesn’t give me back pain, no matter how fitted or comfy it claims to be. I struggle even to wear a sports bra for a full day. As a result, I’ve virtually stopped wearing bras altogether.

Many people do prefer to wear a bra, and that’s totally fine! But if you’re a fellow bra-hater, read on for some tips to help you ditch your bras for good.

how to get away with going braless

Wear loose clothes

This is my usual method, though it may not work so well for those with larger chests. Since I live in the  cold, rainy UK, I can wear baggy jumpers (sweaters) for at least 8 months of the year!

I have some loose t-shirts and floaty tops for summer; I tend to buy clothes based on whether I can wear them braless without people staring! If I am wearing a tighter shirt, I’ll sometimes put a light cardigan on top.

Since I spend most of my time at home and can get away with dressing super casually, this works fine for me most of the time. But if you’re not in this situation, there’s more you can do.

Nipple pasties

These are like padded stickers that you put over your nipples so you can go braless in virtually anything. I occasionally wear them in summer with certain tops. You can reuse them multiple times, but they don’t last forever. That’s why I don’t use them too often – I’m very into sustainability and don’t like throwing things away.


I have a couple of these which I wear from time to time. They’re like unstructured bras – they have no wiring and minimal padding (mine actually have removable pads). Some can even be worn as shirts. Unfortunately, mine have some tight elastic at the bottom, which hurts my back if worn all day. But this won’t be the case for everyone (or every bralette!).


These are like stretchy bra-sized strapless tops. They have no hooks – you just pull them over your head. I don’t use these personally, but many people do like them and I’m considering getting some.

Stop caring what others think

This is easier said than done. We’re under strong social pressure to wear bras, and it’s become almost taboo for our nipples to be visible through our shirts! But this is all pretty absurd when you think about it. If we could let go of what others think, we wouldn’t need to worry about covering our nipples. I’ve definitely become far less self-conscious about going braless over the last year or so. Unfortunately, some schools and workplaces do discriminate against those who openly shun bras. Hopefully this discrimination will soon be a thing of the past.

Research has shown that going braless can reduce sagging, promote healthier breast tissue and improve circulation. Given this information, I think it’s high time we ended the stigma against those who choose not to wear bras.


I wrote this post because I think it’s unfair that so many of us feel we have to cram ourselves into garments which make us uncomfortable. I hope it was helpful to you. Do you like to go braless? Maybe you have some tips I haven’t mentioned? If so, I’d love to hear them in the comments!








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  1. I hardly wear a bra at all. Luckily I have quite a small bust. I’ve got so used to not wearing one that I forget it’s less usual in our society. I do tend to wear dark coloured tops though!

  2. Good to read your thoughts on this. Bras are just something else to spend money on and clutter up your wardrobe and being frugal I have no need for clothing I don’t need. I have hardly worn a bra for most of my life and I am now in my 50s. Very occasionally I get comments but mostly people cope with it. I do have a couple of soft lightweight bras I found in Italy if I need to cover up with a particular sheer top or I wear pretty vests if it is cool enough. Thanks and stick with it.

    1. I totally agree, I can’t believe how expensive bras are! I’m very frugal and minimalist myself so I just prefer to go without. It’s encouraging to hear that you’ve managed it for most of your life. Thanks for reading 🙂

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