Simple Pleasures

The simplest pleasures in life are the best. It sounds like a cliché, but it really is true – for me, at least. I’ve discovered that none of the things which bring me real joy and contentment are expensive or exotic, and I think the same is probably true for most people. I thought I’d share with you the things that make me happiest, so here goes!

I love the peacefulness of being awake before anyone else. I love quenching my thirst with the morning’s first sip of coffee. I love browsing the library shelves and spotting a book I’ve been longing to read. I love it when spring comes and the hedgerows are full of bluebells and buttercups. I love watching ducks on the pond and squirrels in the park. I love finding exactly what I needed in a charity shop.

I love how clean and bright my room is after I tidy it. I love being smiled at by a stranger. I love stretching and doing yoga after a day spent sitting down. I love walking barefoot in the summer. I love it when one of my favourite songs comes on the radio. I love the way autumn leaves crunch when I step on them. I love taking long walks in beautiful places I’ve never seen before.


2014-03-10 14.40.37
Discovering beautiful places


Since I’m British, sunny days are a rare pleasure for me. When the sun does show its face, I love to take a book to the park or fall asleep in the garden – it’s so beautiful just to feel the sun on my skin. I love dipping my feet in a stream to cool down, and spending hours outside on long summer evenings.

I love going on a long train journey to visit my parents and discovering that my mum has baked fresh scones especially. I love hearing my dad’s guitar-playing drift up the stairs. I love having my family together at Christmas, and the cosiness of sitting around the woodstove. I love watching snow fall. I love waking up with my boyfriend and knowing that neither of us has to get up that day.

Many of my simple pleasures are food-related! I love spending a leisurely afternoon baking, and the smell of banana bread wafting up the stairs. I love having a mango for breakfast after waiting all week for it to ripen. I love it when my favourite fruits are in season. I love foraging for blackberries and using them to make a pie.


A blackberry pie I made last autumn


I love sitting around a campfire with friends, and the way my hair smells like woodsmoke for days afterwards. I love picnics, and getting together to cook and share a meal. I love having thoughtful discussions with like-minded people, and learning new things. I love laughing so hard my stomach hurts. I love it when I meet someone new and they instantly become a friend.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I know there are so many more. Writing this post has made me so happy! I’m sure you have your own simple pleasures, and I’d really love to hear what they are. Let me know in the comments!

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